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So I saw that my tag updated a lot so went to see and it was full of galacticremix's art and all I have to say is god bless your soul

For some reason I can only think of yumikumo when they’re both adults like 25 or something bc they haven’t seen each other in 8 years and when they do they’re both prosecutors and they’re just like “holy shit I can’t believe it’s you again” and they like catch up with each other and get to know each other more and do cases together and that’s just super cute to me and omg I’m rambling but I think I’m warming up to them as teenagers thanks to you!

oh my god i haven’t updated in such a long time thank you all for sticking with me and hello to the new followers! my ask is always open if you want to talk about something!

an ace attorney anime in the detective conan art style would be so cute omg…

gosho boys… sighs

manlyshotas replied to your post “i really wish there was more non-japanese stuff for yumikumo so i…”

i speak fluent japanese so if you have a question you can ask me! :o

omg thank you so much!! i’ll keep this in mind!